A Clash of Steel

"A Clash of Steel" by Robert Feather takes readers on a fast-paced journey to save the world from a group of terrorists who have taken the powerful Spear of Longinus.


Press Release: Renowned writer and broadcaster Robert Feather was given the incredible opportunity to examine the Spear of Longinus, a part of the Hapsburg treasures being protected in Vienna. He puts a fictional twist on the treasure's history in his novel, "A Clash of Steel" (ISBN 1439285209).


The Spear of Longinus has been in possession of many famous historical figures, from Constantine the Great to Charlemagne to Hitler. It was eventually taken back to Vienna once it left the hands of General Patton. Feather incorporates each of these historical figures and their stories into his suspenseful novel.


In "A Clash of Steel," a terrorist organization has stolen the Spear out of its safe place in Vienna. A race ensues to recover the deadly, coveted treasure. Metallurgist Jonathan Steel asks a former CIA agent to join him and his film crew to travel to Germany. Knowing Hitler had wanted and eventually acquired the weapon before World War II, they follow the leads to a violent neo-Nazi group who want the Spear of Longinus for sinister reasons.


"The implications of the story impinge on current political and religious conflicts," Feather says. "Some of the events in the book have already come to pass, but the final cataclysmic event is uncannily close to actual events being played out in the Middle East today."


This fast-paced, dramatic novel contains little-known facts about historical treasures that are to entertain readers interested in current world affairs, politics, history and modern technology. Feather hopes that by sharing his knowledge, readers will be able to realize what exactly is happening in the world today, especially overseas in the Middle East.


500 pages Softback to UK £9.99 (Plus P&P £3.00)


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World US$20 (Plus P&P $8.00)


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