Talks and Illustrated Presentations

Robert Feather is available to give talks on a number of different subjects, to a variety of audiences, or to present papers at conferences.

Possible subject headings:

The Mystery of the Copper Scroll Egypt and the Origins of Monotheism
When was the Exodus?
Religion in Ancient Egypt
Qumran and its Archaeology
What was going on at On?
The Dead Sea Scrolls – The Real Importance
Elephantine-A Jewish Temple in Egypt!
The Black Holes of Qumran
Where have all my Chariots Gone?
Who Were the Essenes?
Was Jesus an Essene?
The Origins of the Early Jesus Movement
Joseph Tadeusz Milik – A Giant amongst Dead Sea Scroll Scholars
The Shapira Affair
Jazz from its Early American Roots
Vic Lewis –Grandfather of British Jazz

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