Where Moses Stood

Previously Robert Feather has written about the origins of the Abrahamic faiths, tracing them back to an Egyptian Pharaoh by the name of Akhenaton. How knowledge of events, customs, and written material originated in Egyptian was transmitted down through the ages to a devout, celibate, priestly community located by the shores of the Dead Sea, involves following the history of a separate priestly strain, and a key figure in this process - Moses.


Details of the history is described in this latest book, which also reveals exactly where Moses stood to receive the Ten Commandments and the circumstances of the progression of the Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land.    


In the course of the book’s journey it describes the route of the Exodus; the exact location of the giving of the Ten Commandments; the remains of Part of The Tabernacle; the Copper Snake Moses used to ward off poisonous serpents; the 2,600 year old bones of the scapegoat used to carry off the sins of the people into the desert; a First Temple stone weight; and ………a sacred item once carried in the Ark of the Covenant. 

The book is Softback 384 pages with 16 page colour section, published by Copper Scroll ISBN No. 978-0-9552953-2-4 Price is 16.99; Euro 20; US $25.



















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